Digital Marketing for Small Businesses


Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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Bringing social media and digital marketing to small businesses.

Social Media has undoubtedly become the number one way for businesses to advertise and connect with potential & current clients, but the idea of creating and maintaining a social presence online can seem overwhelming. That's why I'm here. Since 2017, I've been helping organizations grow and make their mark on social media. I'll manage your social media channels, customer interaction, and growth online. 

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What's Included? 

social media channels

We've all seen the icons- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube... just to name a few. I'll help you either clean up and work on your existing profiles, or create a fresh page for your organization. We can also discuss which social media platforms will be right for your business.


google page management

Know that page that pops up whenever you search a business on Google or Google Maps? I'll make sure that page is monitored, kept up-to-date with posts and store hours, and add some media to make it come alive!

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Content calendar and creation

Each month, I'll set you up with a calendar outlining any social media campaigns we're planning on posting. It's a great way for us to communicate and see the content that will be going on the channels. I'll also create exciting content for you.


Customer interaction

Through all of these channels, I'll engage with customers. Answer questions via social media or Google, respond to reviews and messages, and be on the lookout for potential customers. 



In combination with posting on social media, sending out a newsletter campaign or writing regular blog posts is a great way to let people know what it going on. I'll help write the content for you and organize/send out any newsletter campaigns.


We were wading into the unknown when we decided to take hold of the responsibilities for our social media presence. We needed to invent, centralize, plan and effectively implement a fully integrated strategy that would invite the world to know us better and to serve our current members. Taylor not only organized the initial steps but has been instrumental in successfully moving us forward on this path. We are lucky to have found someone not only familiar with the unique needs of the Arts, but someone who made it their job to serve our organization and its particular voice in the Arts.
— Sean Boyd (Vice President of Dueling Arts International)

Your work with us has been important and we want to express our gratitude to you...the incredible Burleigh events you found and promoted, your quick responses to email, and your attention to posting during optimal times of day! Thank you.
— Marti Newland (Co-Founder Harry T. Burleigh Society)


Let's Get Social.

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